Photography in Theatre (dance, plays, musicals, concerts, & poetry in theatre)

Juan Contreras offers years of experience as a specialized photographer in collaborating and documenting rehearsals and live performances for dancers, musicians, and theatre artists.

Baseline Rate:

Agreement per hour:

$360 for the show's first hour and $160/hr. thereafter. Delivers six jpg images with a comprehensive edition for web presence ( Max resolution of five megapixels and 200 dpi). Additional image, $26 each.

Payment: 50% retainer due before the show and 50% up on delivering the images.

Agreement per Image:

A group of images captured during the show are displayed so the performer can select and purchase them accordingly: $60/image for the first five images (comprehensive edition jpg files Max. 5 megapixels, and 200 dpi). Additional image, $26 each.

Payment: 100% up on delivering the images.

Images for printing material:

Image files to print posters, flyers, and wall art: $80 each. Includes a comprehensive edition of jpg files Max. 10 megapixels and 300 dpi).

Payment: 100% up on delivering the images.

IMPORTANT: Juan Contreras offers attractive collaboration plans. It's recommended an advance consultation to determine the scope and actual costs. 


The cost of the License/Usage of higher-resolution images for business marketing is to be discussed and agreed upon.

Salomé Nieto, - World Poetry Day, 2019

Salomé Nieto, - World Poetry Day, 2019

Celebrate World Poetry Day with New Works and the Vancouver Public Library. The second edition of Pop Up Dances at the Central Library brings some of Vancouver’s most exciting literary and performance artists under one roof.

“The term live art refers to performances or events undertaken or staged by an artist or a group of artists as a work of art, usually innovative and exploratory in nature.” Tate - Art Term

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