Photography Service in Theatre (dance, plays, musicals, concerts, & poetry in theatre)

Juan Contreras offers years of experience as a specialized photographer in collaborating and documenting rehearsals and live performances for dancers, musicians, and theatre artists.

Average Billing Time:

$360 for the show’s first hour (includes driving & logistics) and $160/hr. thereafter

IMPORTANT: Juan Contreras offers attractive collaboration plans. It's recommended an advance consultation to determine the scope and actual costs. 

Book your consultation meeting for details now

Outstanding and Inspirational Shows Deserve Impressive Documentation

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Baseline Photography Etiquette

Juan Contreras follows the etiquette rules established by the artists or theatres for their performances. If there are no specific rules in place, I’ll follow my baseline etiquette:

• I get early into the theatre to set up the tripod and the photography equipment.

• I respect the audience and performers, avoiding distractions like moving around and making noise.

• I’ll be invisible during the performance: Dressing in dark clothes, and the equipment has a cero noise shutter. I usually shoot in the back with a telephoto lens with no beams, no flash, and no photo preview on screen.

• I agree with artists to know the details about the performance and the theatre to plan the capture. Preferably, attend the rehearsals before the live presentation.

Candid Portrait

​Images shot before/during/after the performance. As part of the professional documentation service of the performing arts, I also provide candid portraits before & after the show.

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“The term live art refers to performances or events undertaken or staged by an artist or a group of artists as a work of art, usually innovative and exploratory in nature.” Tate - Art Term

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